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viagra online price 1. Insulin Potentiation Therapy in the Treatment of Malignant Neoplastic Diseases: A Three Year Study

https://acquistare-cialis.com/ acquistare cialis 2. Clinical Study buy synthroid canada onlineLow-Dose Chemotherapy with Insulin (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) in Combination with Hormone Therapy for Treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

3. Low dose chemotherapy in combination with insulin for the treatment of advanced metastatic tumors. Preliminary experience

4. Лазерна медицина – научно-практически журнал

MedInfo5. Д−р Хр. Дамянов д.м., д−р М. Радославова, д−р В. Гаврилов
Инсулин потенцирана терапия (IPT) при лечението на хронични и онкологични заболявания
MedInfo, ISSN 1313-2466, 2008, 11, 55-59


Journal-Cover-BUON6. C. Damyanov, M. Radoslavova, V. Gavrilov, D. Stoeva
Low dose chemotherapy in combination with insulin for the treatment of advanced metastatic tumors. Preliminary experience
Journal of BUON 14: 711-715, 2009.



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Dear Dr. Damyonov,

Congratulations on the publication of your article! This is great news, both for you, your clinic, and our group efforts to create something of real and lasting value in the field of medicine. May I have permission to add your articles to the Contemporary Medicine website resources page? Below is a link to the webpage:


We will also post it on the website http://www.iptforcancer.com/ Resource Page:


We have already posted an abstract on that page of your article published in November 2008. Most significantly, we will submit this article to internationally renowned, peer reviewed medical journals such as The Lancet or European Journal of Cancer. Several members of our group, namely Robert Rowen and Frank Shallenberger have newsletters that reach thousands of individuals, and I know these individuals will also be happy to report your findings as well.

Once again, congratulations on your publications and thank you for your work. You are a credit to your profession and we are proud to have you as a member of our organization

Best regards,

Rebecca Ayre

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Определение за Интегративна медицина

„Интегративната медицина е медицинска практика, която категорично потвърждава важната роля на тясната взаимовръзка между специалист и пациент, фокусира се върху спецификата на цялостния индивид, основава се на научни доказателства и оползотворява разнообразни терапевтични подходи и лечебни методи с цел достигане на най-добро здраве“.

Ние приемаме и се присъединяваме към тази дефиниция, утвърдена през м. май 2005 година от „Консорциума на Академичните Центрове за Интегративна медицина“ на САЩ (The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, www.imconsortium.org).

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